Clients + Collabs

The Stuart Social Team boasts over 10 years in multi-faceted marketing experience. We are a group of millennials born and raised during the rise of social media. We are bloggers, creators, artists, web developers, designers, photographers, and at our core true dynamic marketers. We have worked with a wide array of brands, companies and organizations in many different capacities. See a selection of them below!


World Ocean

When our South Florida neighbors World Ocean reached out about their new ecommerce business, we were so excited to lend a hand. Their mission is simple and true to all our beach loving roots, donate as much as possible to ocean-centric organizations like Mission Blue and help keep our beaches and ocean clean! We helped them launch their site and got all their social media rocking. Make sure to check out their awesome collection of mens and women’s clothing and accessories!

More of our amazing Past and Present Clients + Collabs:

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And it doesn't end there! This is just a fraction of the list of incredible companies and clients we have worked with over the past 10 years. From San Francisco to Las Vegas, Miami, NYC and beyond, we've helped launch and drive hard hitting campaigns across a multitude of verticals. We may currently be enjoying life as South Florida beach bums, but that doesn't mean we are any less effective.